Rokaysan is aware of fake emails regarding job advertisements and job offers which are using Rokaysan name to pretend they are genuine and exist solely for the purpose of obtaining private information about consumers (e.g. credit card numbers or passwords). These e-mails have no connection with Rokaysan.

Unfortunately these fake e-mails are a growing fraud on the Internet and are designed to obtain and misuse individuals personal information.

You can usually identify a fake job offer as there will be many inconsistencies throughout the document, including poor spelling and other grammatical errors, and incorrect references to the company name e.g. recent examples have stated they are from "Rokaysan Construction Company" which is not a valid legal entity.

Fake job offers aim to target overseas individuals, as they typically ask for money to be sent to them for UK visa application procedure fee. Rokaysan never requests payments details in association with any job applications, processing fees or any communication related to them and never uses e-mails to make job offers prior to a formal interview process taking place.

If you receive an e-mail using our name and asking for personal or financial information, please treat it with extreme caution as it will not be authentic. If you receive a fraudulent proposal, we would advise you to contact your local police and provide them with any information you may have from the senders (e-mail addresses, bank account into which the money was to be paid, etc.).

If in any doubt about the validity of a recruitment offer, please contact