Rokaysan takes the health, safety and welfare of its entire workforce very seriously. The safety policy within Rokaysan goes beyond not just following its documented company procedures but also since the Safety is a live subject so, we, in Rokaysan always looking to develop and improve upon.

Our company considers the protection of Occupational Health and Safety with no exception and constant improvement of work environment issues among its main aims while performing the operations at the highest quality level in the field of Non -Destructive Testing, Inspection Activities (Lifting Equipment Inspection, Drill Stem Inspection), Fabrication and Assembly of Steel Construction, with Civil Works. In this respect, we always take any reasonable measures to ensure and maintain below objectives;

  • To develop progressively Occupational Health and Safety Managerial System by carrying out Risk Analyses as part of our operations and minimizing the risks (causes, dangers) which might cause industrial accidents,
  • To prevent or minimize accidents likely to occur during our operations or injuries as a result of an emergency,
  • To comply with terms of clients, administrative arrangements and legal statue in accordance with HSE in force,
  • To supply active trainings to all employees in order to build awareness of their Individual HSE responsibilities,
  • To review HSE policy periodically in order to ensure Compliance with Terms consistently,
  • Mutually Sharing the HSE experiences gained from public, private sector institutions and non -governmental organizations,