On any industrial and civil projects it is vitally important to select the right method of procuring the project works. Rokaysan conducts the procurement activities with great precision to achieve the best possible total cost of ownership/operation, either being simple procurement involving nothing more than repeat purchasing; or complex procurement works of a project concentrating on finding long term partners and suppliers.

It is extremely important that clients make the correct choice of construction procurement method in an increasingly complex situation, with a wide range of objective criteria and procurement systems available quantity surveyors have an important role to perform in building procurement selection because choosing the right procurement method is vital to the success of a project.

The "Procurement Division" at Rokaysan, controls function interfaces with all departments but in particular the Construction Departments, QA / QC Departments and Financial Departments.

Once the scope of material and control responsibilities have been defined, together with lines of communication established, constant liaison with all other departments is maintained to ensure the section is properly advised of all project developments.