Rokaysan, has over the past years gained conspicuous reputation for completing a wide variety of civil and industrial construction projects, all within a predetermined timescale.

Our team of "professionally qualified" engineers and specialists at Rokaysan offer everything from construction services and cooperation to turnkey implementation for:

  • Industrial Plant Projects
  • Above and Underground Pipeline Projects
  • Civil Construction Projects

Rokaysan has also a manufacturing facility located in Turkmenbashi built on a 4000 sqm fenced yard with 16000 sqm covered fabrication shop space.

Here are the manufacturing processes of our Factory :
  • Cutting ( Gas,Mechanical )
  • Cold Forming ( Rolling, Pressing, Flanging )
  • Machining
  • Drilling
  • Fit-up
  • Assembly
  • Postweld Heat Treatment
  • Surface Preparation ( Sandblasting, Gridblasting )
  • Painting