Oilfield tubulars, rigs and pipes are always exposed to severe operating conditions and specially vulnerable to "Stress Corrosion Cracking" (the cracking which results from a combination of corrosion and stress when susceptible materials are exposed to specific corrosive media), fabrication flaws and other third-party damages.

With the aim of achieving and maintaining the standards of oil and gas industry, we offer cost effective and professional services to ensure the safety and reliability of the client operations.

By assuring smooth operations, reducing financial risks and with the aim of providing services tailored specifically to our clients needs, we can offer following services,

  • Drill pipe inspection (based on NS-2, DS1, A.P.I Code, Standard and client Requirements)
  • All Bottom Hole Assembly (based on NS-2, DS1, A.P.I Code, Standard and client Requirements)
  • MWD /LWD Inspection (based on NS-2, DS1, A.P.I Code, Standard and client Requirements)
  • Casing and Tubing Inspections
  • All Hoisting and Non Hoisting Handling Equipment

At Rokaysan, we admit the importance of delivering prompt and efficient service in the offshore/onshore drilling industry. We are fully aware of the implications and impacts of the delays that may happen with certification process, which is why Rokaysan has invested time and allocated resources into the latest "Computer Generated Reporting System".

Some of the services offered by our OCTG Division include:
  • Visual Inspection of threaded connections
  • Full dimensional reporting in accordance to inspection criteria
  • MPI of threaded handling components  and connections
  • DPI of non - ferromagnetic materials
  • Full Length EMI of Tubular bodies
  • Field repair to rotary shouldered threaded connection
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection and Eddy Current of rig components